About Us


Since graduating from Grand Valley State University in 2006 (hence the ‘Laker’ part), I never stay in one place for too long (hence the ‘Lost’ part). A lot was around the Midwest (Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota), a great stint on the US West Coast (Portland, OR) and across the Commonwealth (first Sydney, AUS and London, UK). Back in Portland, and loving it.

Outside of my nomadic lifestyle, I enjoy baseball, hockey, History, reading, football/soccer, rugby, cigars, and attempting to cook. An occasional Walkabout is a must to maintain sanity as well.

Calmly Indifferent

A fellow Michigander to Marshall, I am behind enemy lines, residing in NE Ohio. I enjoy baseball, football, video games, trading cards, and MAC-tion of all types (Fire Up Chips!).