No More Gambling Picks

I know not many people read this, but that’s been true for a few years now. I do very much appreciate the ones who do though. This is just an update on what I have been posting, and what I (hope) to continue to post.

I first started doing the NFL picks when I was living in London, because back then (in the olden days) sports gambling was non-existent outside of Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the USA. Over in the UK it was simple, and fun. I could throw £5 on a parlay (or accumulator as they call it) via an app in about three minutes. I also enjoyed doing my write-ups on it.

While the write-ups don’t seem to be a lot of work, and relatively they aren’t, they still take up a lot of time. All the research and linking takes a lot of time, and honestly I am just not that into the NFL anymore. I realized this last weekend as I decided to skip the picks and then did not watch one minute of any game. Also, while not watching games, knew the Lions would blow it because, come on, I’d be stupid to think otherwise at this juncture.

I just don’t care enough to take the time to research my picks or link everything. The NFL has really fallen down my list of things to care about lately. I’m not sure if it’s been Covid, but in the last three years or so, the greed of pro sports has really gotten to me. All the fake caring and faux concern when teams and players get caught doing deplorable things has taken it’s toll on me. I will never be out there picketing, or even vocalizing it online, but I am done wasting my time on these people who only see me as an entity to take money from.

Sports has definitely shifted from the competitive to the entertainment side in many ways. There’s just too much money involved for the greed, egos and narcissism to not take over. I will watch when I can, or want to, but not enough to continue to write about it, for now anyway.

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