NFL Picks: Week 3 Recap

Week 3 Record: 4-1 | Season Record: 6-4

Ohhhhh baby! What a week it was! I am not going to pretend to be the best NFL gambler ever, but 4-1 weeks are rare for me, so I am going to bask in it a bit. Legitimately might be my only one this week, so I am happy. Let’s get into the picks.

Atlanta Falcons 17 New York Giants 14 | My Pick: First Half Atlanta +1.5

This was destined to be a bad game, but at least we got a flashback with a Matty Ice game-winning drive to win it. I mentioned the Falcons could easily have lost this game in my preview, but the Giants might be worse than I thought. They can’t seem to do much with any comprehension or skill. It’s going to be a long season for the New York Football Giants. Atlanta is who we thought they were, so no shock there. They were up 7-6 at the half though, so that’s a win!

Los Angeles Chargers 30 Kansas City Chiefs 24 | My Pick: Chargers +6.5

I really thought the Chiefs would ultimately win this one, but it would be close. When the Ravens needed an NFL record 66-yard Field Goal to beat the garbage Lions, I texted my brother: “Who should be more worried by this, Ravens or Chiefs fans?” The Chiefs aren’t bad by any means, but something needs to be fixed. It’s early though and they have talents out the ass.

I was definitely wrong about the Chargers. They might be better than I previously thought. They went into a tough road game, and kept it close, and then got a big turnover to give Herbert one more chance to win it. That’s gotta be a great locker room after a game like that.

New Orleans Saints 28 New England Patriots 13 | My Pick: Patriots -2.5

Well I guess it’s better to miss big? This one was rough, especially as I watched Jameis Winston throw off his back foot, while being tackled, into coverage, and it turns into a TD. The dude had a horseshoe up his ass in this one, and it was fun to watch. I also greatly ignored what the Saints defense is capable of against a rookie QB, let alone veterans. Big miss, but it happens.

Minnesota Vikings 30 Seattle Seahawks 17 | My Pick: Minnesota +1.5

Pete Carroll might be the most overrated coach in the NFL. The dude has been the benefit of great drafting and player development, but his in-game coaching is atrocious. In three games they’ve scored a pathetic 13 total points in the second half…13! The two good teams they faced embarrassed them in the second half of each loss as well.

Minnesota isn’t great, but Cousins seems to do enough to manage games, and Mike Zimmer can make adjustments, something Pete Carroll has never heard of. The fact Minnesota was getting points, at home, against a team that got outscored 24-6 at home in their previous game’s second half plus overtime is mind-boggling to me.

Dallas Cowboys 41 Philadelphia Eagles 21 | My Pick: Over 52

I may have been off on the Eagles chances to win this one or cover at +4. Ok, I was way off on that, but very happy I didn’t end up taking it. Even if this game was closer I still saw it as being high scoring. The Dallas Cowboys have a great offense and a suspect defense, while the Eagles offense isn’t awful. Not going to sugarcoat it either, this was a whole lot of luck!

Still blown away I went 4-1 this week. Usually it takes me a few weeks to get going, but luck played a big role in this as well. To Week 4!

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