NFL Picks: Week 2 Recap

Season Record: 2-3

Well, I can’t say I am shocked by my first week of NFL bets. Even when I have a lot of data to go by I am still .500 at best. If I am anything, I am happy at the 2-3 start, considering everything.

Las Vegas Raiders 26 Pittsburgh Steelers 17 | My Pick: Steelers +6

Well this one didn’t go the way I thought at all, clearly. While the Steelers trailed most of the game, I was hoping a comeback, as they did versus Buffalo in Week 1, was in the cards. Sadly it was not. I think Big Ben coming back will leave us with a mediocre at best season in his 18th year.

San Francisco 49ers 17 – Philadelphia Eagles 11 | My Pick: Over 50.5

And they didn’t even make it out of the 20’s! Yikes. I thought for sure both offenses would continue their high scoring ways, but I guess I underestimated their defenses. Again though, the 49ers defense gave up a lot of points to Detroit, and I find it hard to believe the Lions offense is better than the Eagles. It’s still early though.

Carolina Panthers 26 – New Orleans Saints 7 | My Pick: Carolina +2.5 First Half

While the first half went much like I thought, the second half most definitely did not, however, my pick was correct, first one of the season! Sam Darnold looked great and the Carolina defense looked sharper than I thought. Carolina went into the half at 17-0 and slowed a bit in the second, but won easily.

Tennessee Titans 33 – Seattle Seahawks 30 | My Pick: Titans +6

Two correct answers on the first week of picks?! While my prediction looked in peril at the half, with Seattle being up 24-9, Derrick Henry came alive in the second half and overtime. This is a huge win for Tennessee after that home butt-kicking at the hands of Arizona in Week 1. They are a momentum team so I could see this turning into 2 or 3 more wins.

Baltimore Ravens 36 – Kansas City Chiefs 35 | My Pick: Under 54.5

Well this one was blown out of the water, probably my worst prediction of the week. Missed it by almost 20 points. Having this game after Titans at Seahawks was a great way to end the weekend for sure. This was back and forth, both MVP QBs made questionable throws, and it came down to a fourth down conversion to seal the win for Baltimore. Can’t ask for more than that!

While 2-3 ain’t the best, I’ll take it over 1-4 any day!

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