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When I moved to Portland almost ten years ago I was excited that they had a WHL team. I grew up down the road from the Plymouth Whalers (may they RIP) in Michigan, and coming from hockey-crazy Minnesota, it was nice to have a team nearby. One issue though, as a Red Wings fan the logo was horrendous to me!

In the long run it’s saved me from purchasing a ton of merchandise I don’t really need though. However, my long awaited suffering is over! In all seriousness though it’s long overdue for a change. While I like the name, as it is unique, the logo and mascot don’t make much sense out here. The Chicago team was named after a local Native American chief, of the Sauk tribe, from the area over 200 years ago. There is some small connection of the two teams from Chicago’s founding in 1926 but it’s a blurb nowadays.

The new logo will be released tomorrow, July 14th, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it. Perhaps a teaser from February 2020 will spoil it a bit, and I have to say I honestly enjoy it if they go this route. Only issue for me is now those hundreds of dollars will most likely be spent!

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