Oh Damn Sky Blue, Er Gotham FC!

There’s coming up with a “rebrand” and then there is throwing everything out and starting over. Much like OL Reign did (albeit due to new ownership) and Houston Dash (it’s growing on me) Sky Blue FC has followed suit, going full Gotham on us! Not only was this much needed, but I think they did a tremendous job with this.

It’s simple, it’s striking, and it let’s you know exactly who it is. There is no question or mistaking who this club is or where they play, as opposed to their old logo. It does both New Jersey and New York proud, but isn’t busy or convoluted. It will look great on their kit, and merchandise.

Matthew Wolff, no stranger to soccer logos and branding, and a New Yorker with New Jersey ties came up with the new look. This was important for a growing league, that needs to have the imagery reflect the product on the field. To steal the immortal words of Primetime: “If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good…” No doubt Gotham FC will be looking and feeling good in the upcoming NWSL season.

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