Sober October: It’s Over!

Whelp I’m done! Made it all the way through this year, which is more than I can say about last year. Even the benchmarks of five days avoiding it completely and about 10 days avoiding bars were extremely easy this year. Considering I couldn’t make the full month last year, those are big wins.

According to my tracking app, Nomo, I saved $225 and 22.5 hours. While these are estimates, they probably aren’t too far off. This is huge motivation for me going forward, mostly the money, but the time too.

I also have dropped a good amount of weight, and t-shirts that fit a bit snug are fitting great now. This is another big motivator right here. It’s tough enough dropping pounds and eliminating this goes a long way.

I’m kind of disappointed in myself for not struggling with this more. The whole point of me documenting this was to share my trials and tribulations. Maybe I was too busy with work, or maybe (even scarier) I’ve grown up?! Terrifying.

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