Sober October: Day 30

It’s pretty much been cruise control since the 18th. I made it through Houston with relative ease. The only time I really missed it there was when we went to a Tex Mex restaurant and when a colleague and I went to a Houston Rockets game.

It’s weird how I am conditioned to want a beer at a sporting event. There was no urge or want to get drunk, just to have a beer while watching sports. Nothing wrong with that, but at $10+ at most venues now, it’s easy to stop at one.

Other than that, I’ve been so busy since returning that I haven’t had time to think about it. I did swing into a dispensary and grab some straight CBD gummies that have helped with back pain. Since they’re non-psychotropic I can still claim Sober October status.

I was recommended a good app for tracking, called Nomo. Not really for casual use, however, I do find it’s a nice reminder, and keeping me on track. The hours and money saved are the best trackers for sure.

Being just a casual drinker, with my heavy days behind me, I’m at over $200 saved and have a couple days to go. I think this Sober October might stick for awhile. Not that I will never drink again, but I can’t imagine I’d be down for going nuts on a random Wednesday.

I’ll reserve drinks for when I meet up with old friends, special occasions, and when the Tigers win a World Series, so never on that one! Kidding of course, kinda. Two days to go!

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