Sober October: Day 18

I was hoping I would have more time to post as this train rolls on down the line. However, work has been very busy, which I think has been a big help in disguise. I survived my first trip, to Seattle, and didn’t break the streak.

I am heading out again this Saturday for a trade show in Houston, Texas. This time I have to be careful as I will be seeing a friend I haven’t seen in about seven years. I’m past the toughest part though.

Last night I met some coworkers at a brewery and was able to resist with ease. Although, the cravings are starting a bit. I am really missing wine, and also a trip to the dispensary is starting to sound better and better. I think being this close to the finish line is that extra bit of motivation to overcome this though.

I have drank more pop in the last week than I have in the last year though. I forgot how awesome root beer is. That stuff tastes amazing if you haven’t had it in awhile. Hoping the home-stretch will help drop some extra pounds as well.

Thirteen days to go!

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