Sober October: Day 5

I am once again embarking down the road of Sober October. After a failed attempt last year, I am taking this year much more seriously. Being located in a state where we have a plethora of dispensaries will make it more difficult then two years ago.

However, it’s been pretty good so far, albeit I’m on day five. In the past I’ve found that the first 10 days can be the worst. Once I pass that threshold though I can be in a bar in a group where everyone else is drinking and be fine.

I will say though this year I am experiencing more stress than previous years, that’s for sure. This isn’t a huge pressure on refraining from beer, but more from CBD mints and pills. They mellow me out nicely and make the stress melt away.

If it’s anything like last time, the big thing I’ll miss is the glass of wine while I make dinner, or having a beer on a patio or after a hike. Those aren’t huge mountains to overcome, but when you want to relax it makes it tougher. Stay tuned!

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