Gear I Use: Voormi (FINALLY!) High-E Hoodie and Liner Beanie

It finally happened, I got some Voormi apparel! This is a company I’ve been following since 2014, when I ran across them at the Snowsports Industry Show in Denver. High-end wool, made in the USA, and built for the Outdoors.

With all my gear at the time, and moving to London, I couldn’t justify upping my Outdoor gear. They are also not cheap, but you get what you pay for, right? Well I finally had the opportunity and got the High-E Hoodie, Fishpond Oil edition ($229) and a Charcoal Liner Beanie ($35).


Voormi Merino Wool High-E Fishpond Oil Green Colorado Outdoor Gear Apparel
The Voormi High-E Hoodie in Fishpond Oil Green.


Voormi Merino Wool Liner Beanie Charcoal Outdoor Performance Apparel
The Voormi Liner Beanie, in Charcoal.

The hoodie definitely lives up to it’s reputation. It’s insanely warm and comfortable. Not much needed for layering when wearing this one. The only downside for me is the sizing. I fluctuate between a Medium and Large, depending on the brand, and my eating habits, so I went with the large. It’s definitely roomy, and the sleeve length is not lacking. However, it’s not to an uncomfortable point.

The beanie was serviceable for awhile. It seemed to stretch out quickly, and despite washing, never really returned to it’s form. It began to fit very loose, and after about a year I ended up donating it.

All in all though, I liked my first dive into the realm of Voormi. I am in need of some more base layer, so will definitely be checking their site out.

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