Do You Smell What The Rock is Selling?

The Rock, and Under Armour, are back with the second installment of Project Rock. When the first round came out a little while back it was limited, but solid stuff. I am a fan of the simple design, and having an updated version The Rock’s Brahma Bull as the logo was a great move.

The first run seemed to be testing the waters as this round has a lot more choice and is more military inspired with olive green dominating a lot of styles. I am also a sucker for that, but there’s still some hold ups for me.

First, $160 for a gym bag?! Yeah, no. Not happening. I know there’s a growing Athleisure market and people care more about what they’re wearing at the gym than what they’re doing, but get real. The t-shirts aren’t much better, coming in at around $35 each…for something you’re going to sweat in.

Second, the only thing I could find on the charitable portion of this is from 2016 and it’s not rife with details. I’m not doubting that aspect of it at all. The Rock is one of the kindest celebrities with his time and money, and it’s daily, not just when he needs good publicity.

However, coming from a Marketing perspective, me Googling “Project Rock charity” and all the articles being over a year old isn’t maximizing exposure. A refresher on what buying a $160 duffle bag is going towards might tip my cheap ass over the edge to actually buy it.

I love The Rock (it’s actually getting to be an issue now that I’m in my 30s), but in a world where the consumer continually needs to have a connection with what they’re wearing this seems like a missed opportunity.

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