Is It Really That Shocking?

*Be prepared for puns*

A giant wooden penis has been erected in the Austrian Alps, and I can’t really be shocked by this. I saw the picture before I saw the headline, and for some reason assumed it was in Scandinavia. I don’t know why, but it seemed like it’s something they’d enjoy.

However, being in Austria is not that shocking at all. Not to paraphrase Austin Powers father but they do share a border with the Germans. If it wasn’t in a German-speaking country then it would be shocking.

I for one support this erection. You’ve been hiking up the Alps, you’re tired, you’re thirsty, you’re hungry. You may have even rolled your ankle. You see something in the distance and think “That doesn’t look right.” As you approach you notice it’s a giant wooden dong. If you don’t laugh, then I don’t want to hike with you. Dongs are always funny, like farts.

Of course I have to end with this.

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