T-Shirt Tuesday: Star Wars, Sith Empire

I thought I was a big Star Wars fan, but now I’m not sure considering how absolutely huge it’s gotten. One of the things that kept me a fan was all the Expanded Universe and video games that were released.

Star Wars Sith Empire Jedi Lightsaber

Shockingly, or not really, I’m not very familiar with all the canon behind Darth Hargrev’s Sith Empire. However, this one ticked quite a few boxes: t-shirt, simple, awesome logo, and Star Wars. Sign me up!

My brother owed me a birthday present, so when I saw this at a shop in Mackinaw City, I invoked it. I’ve gotten a few compliments on it, and it’s super soft, so I don’t mind wearing it. One of my more popular choices when I am at home, for sure.

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