T-Shirt Tuesday: Cactus Jack is Back!

Any wrestling fan knows Mick Foley. His character of Mankind was a huge hit in the WWF/E in the “Attitude Era” and beyond. However, he is a man of many faces, which also includes Dude Love and Cactus Jack. The latter leads to this week’s t-shirt.

Cactus Jack Mick Foley Dude Love Mankind WWE WWF NJPW TNA AAA Pro Wrestling Deathmatch

This was by far is most insane and sadistic of characters, as this shirt illustrates. Cactus Jack became famous for his “Deathmatches” mainly in Japan, and oddly, against longtime friend Terry Funk.

Foley has one ear, is missing numerous teeth, and had his head caved in, and that was all from non-Deathmatches! Typically you’d call these NSFW, however, I’d reclassify these as NSFL (Not Safe For Life). They were as brutal as it gets, and most definitely not fake.

Thanks to Pro Wrestling Tees though, I can show my love for this portly, slightly “off” individual. It’s a great site for any of your old school, and new school, wrestling apparel needs.

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