Trading Card Tuesday 8/22/2017

Today’s pack is a recent once, WWE’s Road to Wrestlemania from topps from this year(2017)!

Plastic package, this one was hard to open.  I had to rip from the bottom up.

This feud was good for a bit.  Chris Jericho is the real deal, but Sami Zayn is still mid-card level.  Sami Zayn has all the moves to get the crowd excited, he just needs a story-line and better microphone skills to elevate him to the elite level.

I can’t see him on this card.  Snoop Dogg was the celebrity induction that year, wasn’t that exciting.

Baron Corbin, the man that he looks like he is balding with his long hair.  He needs to figure out how to speak to get people behind him, or at least relax and have fun and give off some energy the crowd can feed off.  He always looks uncomfortable, angry and pissed off at the world, doesn’t really have the fluidity at this point.  His moves look forced and not second nature.  Still learning I suppose, but not fun to watch.

OMG, no one cares.  Roman Reigns, the champion no one wanted, beating Sheamus another guy no one wanted.


Not that exciting of a pack, but it will do.


On to next Tuesday!



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