Trading Card Tuesday 8/8/2017

Today’s trading card Tuesday features a pack by Upper Deck on the animated movie Anastasia.


Cheap-ish plastic packaging, ripped right away.  I don’t know if that is because it was cheap, or the fact that these came out in 1998.

Well this is a good place to start.  Random albino animal hanging from a green phallus.  This was a kid’s movie?


This one we have a sweet mustache guy reading the newspaper headlines.  On the back of the card a group is line dancing doing the electric slide.

Girl talk going on in the front, or discussing the huge man-coat she’s got on.  On the back albino bat thing dabbing.

Getting ass slapped into the carriage on the front.  Some strange drone shot on the back, ample parking still available?

After ripping huge green farts you have to be a responsible pet owner and walk your dog.  That is logical to air out  your ass from that green gas.

I have to confess, I have never seen this movie and have no idea what is going on in any of these.

They could have at least put some kind of information on the back to give some context on what the hell is going on in any of these.

Oh well, on to next Tuesday!

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