I Feel Like Hammocks are the New Tents

REI has released a new, catch-all hammock. This has highlighted a recent movement: hammocks are overtaking tents. I mean tents have tried to keep up with the times, but hammocks continue to kick their ass.

REI Hammock Tent Camping Hiking Outdoors Gear

The one draw back with a hammock is it’s essentially a warm weather piece of gear. They have those tents that mimic hammocks, which for some reason are recommended for winter camping. Last I checked having freezing air all around you isn’t a great idea.

In all honesty though, for solo camping, or even just a quick weekend trip, why not go the hammock route? It’s much easier to setup and take down. Also a lot easier to store and leaves room for more gear (read as “beer”). The Gear Junkie has a full review here.

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