A $40 Bucket? Yeah, No Thanks

I recently wrote about YETI’s venture into duffle bags with a waterproof version. I get paying a premium for a premium product. Premium meaning it outperforms every other product in its class that’s on the market.

But if you think I’m in to pay $40 for a freaking bucket you’re out of your damn mind. A heavy bucket at that, as it comes in at almost 10 lbs. I grew up on a farm hauling water and feed in 5-gallon buckets. Most of them lasted decades, if not longer, and didn’t cost anywhere near that.

Now I get that not every situation is right for a bucket that used to hold transmission oil for John Deere tractors. However, those situations are few and far between. What’s even worse is when someone suggests farmers and ranchers should use this buck for hauling feed and water. Unreal and absurd.

If this is an ad ok, but it’s in the form of a Gear Junkie review, and if this is legit, then its irresponsible as Hell. You know what I do when I want information on something I’m not well-versed in? I talk to an expert. Maybe go to a farmer with a bucket and say “Hey, this is $40, would you buy one?” Instead of, ya know, knowing nothing about it but oddly knowing what they need.

I hope Gear Junkie isn’t going the way of Outside Online aka the Conde Nest of the outdoor world, but if they keep doing “reviews” such as this, it appears they are.

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