Trading Card Tuesday 7/18/2017

Today’s pack showcases some amateur athletes from the United States past, the US Olympic Hall of Fame series.



Blue and gold foiled pack, this was actually hard to open.

No one believes in Miracles Al Michael’s, quit asking us that. Team work won that game.

Tarzan in the water couldn’t play water polo that well, only placed 3rd.

Good call by the NYC police department on this guy, probably would have never caught anyone in a foot race.

Al Oeter can discus it up.  Ruled the gold for 12 years.

Bart Connor could’t cut it on American Ninja Warrior, just saying..

Who knew boxing skills translated to the bobsled game?  Way to go Eddie.

What can I say, he made Hitler so mad that a world war was started.  Any time you get in someone’s head that bad it makes you a winner.

Of course Duke was the sheriff of the Honolulu, Duke looks like a beast.

I wouldn’t brag about being on the board of education in Barberton, Ohio.  To each their own I guess.

Well at least the games were close.  Korea has always been known for it’s hoop stars.

Rafer found his true calling to be in charge of the real Olympics, the special Olympics.

Do all athletes with no real skill set become motivational speakers?  Asking for a friend.

Peggy rocks yellow, or does yellow rock Peggy?  Are sports that require judges to make determinations actual sports or elaborate performances?  Again, asking for a friend.

2nd appearance from the 1980 us men’s ice hockey team in this pack.  Yep, they still won.

Clearly the winner in this pack.  Also the longest bio/fact set from all these cards.  This one is getting framed.


Overall a nice set and a lot of cards for one pack.


On to next week!

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