Wait What?!

I try to like Outside Online and what they’ve become, but they love making that difficult. They’ve turned into the Conde Nast of the Outdoor world, shilling overpriced gear and absurdly expensive trips. But this one takes the cake.

In their latest shill post of insanely priced grilling and picnic products you “must” have they include The Coolest cooler. Unfamiliar with this piece of “must have” gear? Probably because it never materialized and it’s backers from Kickstarter took action. Even crazier? YOU LITERALLY CANNOT BUY ONE.

Does anyone at that site look into things or use Google? Let’s ignore they haven’t updated their blog in damn near a year, or Tweeted in almost the same amount of time. Why do research into what you put out? Not like you’re projecting yourselves as experts.

Since there’s no final line such as “Only if they existed!” or “But you’ll have to make your own!” makes me think this was a copy and paste job from roughly the same time last year. Why put in extra work when all you do is shill overpriced products to people when you also tell them overpriced products don’t matter????

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