Trading card Tuesday 7/11/17

Today’s pack of cards is in spirit of the big fight between Mcgregor and Mayweather coming up in Auguest, I can guarantee I am not paying $90 for that fight at all.  Instead I will spend $1 for this pack of cards for everyone to enjoy.


Gold foil to stand out to glimmer and shine in the sunlight.

A serious man rocks a pencil thin mustache.  Card makers wanted to show it to everyone so back they blew up the picture bigger on the back.

So American by wearing American headgear outside of the most Americanist city of New York.  Twin Towers in the back, never forget.

Steve Urkel rocking the gold rectangle.  It was a different era back in 1996.

The hitman, this man fought some wars in the ring.  Also rocks a yellow shirt like nobody’s business.

I know nothing about this guy.  Looks like a bad man with that win/loss record.

Rocking those thin gold chains like a champ.  All he needs is a nice turtleneck to cover up.

The man just fought is way out of that cotton candy cloud to show you he is numero uno.

The Mexican Hugh Hefner.  Rico Suave with the hair, bet he got all the chicas.

I wish in one of these sets that promise any autograph inserts to actually get one when I crack these open.

On to next week!



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