Wine in a Can? Box Wine Just Trembled

Sitting around a camp fire, talking with friends, enjoying the outdoors. No better opportunity to have your favorite drink in hand. However, for wine lovers it’s always been a challenge. Plastic glasses, Solo cup, coffee mug even, none of it is great. How about a can?

One Oregon-based company is going for it. The Great Oregon Wine Company has released a few of their varieties in a canned version. It makes sense for camping, as you always want to minimize glass in the wilderness. The challenge is always taste though when it comes to wine.

According to Gear Junkie though, the aluminum doesn’t hurt the experience. As I am trying to lessen my dependence on beer (damn you for being so great Rainier!), I am definitely willing to try this. Unfortunately for you people not on the West Coast, the furthest east it goes is Grand Junction, CO. Guess I get to keep it all for Silas!

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