Camping in Extreme Heat

Our friends over at Outside Online are at it again with their “tips.” This time on camping in extreme heat. It follows their typical line of doing anything: spend tons of money on it rather than being rational. Know what the best tip for camping in extreme heat or cold is? Don’t.

Are you trying to get your own Discovery Channel show or something? Seriously, it makes no sense. Now I know some people live in areas where extreme weather is almost year round. I don’t live near a beach therefore I lose out on the gift of being able to go everyday.

So if its over 100 or below freezing, maybe reschedule a trip. Chances are if you’re into the outdoors and know when the best times are anyway. Not only will you save a tone of money on the bullshit gadgets they want you to buy, you’ll also have a better time, because guess what? There’s not much to do when it’s extremely hot or cold out. Shocking assertion I know, but why go into the woods to just sit in your tent on an overpriced cot that supposedly makes you cool down?

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