Trading Card Tuesday 7/4/17

Celebrating America’s independence day with a packet from America’s favorite pastime, baseball.


Pretty straight forward, 6 cards included.

First one off the rip, Dave Winfield.  He was a beast at his time.  Repping the 1 batting glove on the bottom hand on the bat.  Needed that extra grip to contain his power.

Next up, Roy Campanella.  Ok, a little flavor from the olde tymey Brooklyn Dodgers.  He was great at his time for them, can appreciate that.  No stats and nothing other than his name?

Cy Young.  OK, getting a little weird and random.  I never understood these throw back cards, where they don’t have anything on the back stat wise.  How will the younger generation appreciate or compare the past to the present without anything written besides one sentence.

Pete O’Brien?  A journeyman 1st baseman, whose claim to fame is he was good defensively.  Pass.

I think this pack hates me, now a journeyman utility infielder, Luis Rivera.  I like how his stats on the back basically state he sucks, but played because everyone else got hurt.  Utility infielders are not showcase worthy.

Last now switch hitting 3rd baseman for the Braves, Terry Pendleton.  Terry would put the ball in play to move the runners over.  He’s also one of the last guys I can remember who would wear the full helmet with both ear flaps.  I like to think he is still playing somewhere as the grizzled vet in the locker room going over the importance of a sacrifice bunt to move a runner over to 2nd base, and the lost art of the long inning middle reliever from the bullpen.


This pack sucked, and the cards were soiled somehow either by having creases or fingerprints.  I guess I got suckered.


On to next week!

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