A Beer, a Burger, and a Bar: Marathon Taverna

Marathon Taverna, or simply just Marathon, has long been a place I’ve watched sports and had a couple beers with friends. I never spent much time there to eat, outside of the odd order of tots. However, I recently moved close, so I figured why not.


While on the surface Marathon could be any sports bar in any town in the US, their beer selection is pretty great though. They do well to stock national choices (Coors Light, Miller, etc.) but have some local favorites as well. I went with a 10 Barrel selection, Apocalypse IPA to be exact.

10 Barrel Beer Portland Oregon Bend

While the name sounds as if it would be akin to having a mouthful of hops, it’s a pretty mellow IPA in my opinion. It comes at you strong, but doesn’t stick around with the real hoppy flavors. It’s a solid, good standby to have on tap at a sports bar.



While the beer selection is a bit better than the typical sports bar, the menu was limited due to the Timbers home game. Marathon is a popular spot for supporters, and a small menu makes sense to keep up with the influx of orders. Of course there was a cheeseburger on the menu.

Cheeseburger Portland Oregon PDX Marathon Taverna NW Portland

It wasn’t flashy, it wasn’t Kobe beef or farm to table, it was a sports bar cheeseburger, and it didn’t pretend to be anything else. While basic, the quality was pretty good. The bun was fresh, the tomato and lettuce perfect, and the burger was cooked how I asked. It was solid.

I opted for tots, which was the right move. They were a bit overdone, which I like, so I was pretty much in heaven: burger, beer, crispy tots, and in AC on a 100 degree day.



As I mentioned before, this is a hangout for Timbers supporters for pregame festivities, and also for away games. They have a ton of TVs which is the hallmark of any good sports bar.

It opens early on the weekends, which can attract a seedier element, however, they also show international soccer matches, so its a weird mix. However, it’s also one of the few places with security at the door, and I’ve always been asked to provide ID. While that can be a hassle, it means there’s very little shenanigans going on.


As far as sports bars go, this is place is better than most. While the food wasn’t incredible, it doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. I like bars like this. I don’t need artisanal iced tea, or hand-cut fries, or an organic, gluten-free IPA at a sports bar. It’s a simple formula that people seem to love to complicate.


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