Trading card Tuesday 6/27/2017

Today’s find comes to us from Hollywood.  One of the GI Joe movies, specifically GI JOE: RETALIATION.

Nothing says golden like fire!  Out of fire comes THE ROCK, JOHN MCCLANE, THE CHICK FROM THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, AND A NINJA!  Magic Mike gets relegated to the back of the packaging.

Gem of the collection, temporary tattoos.   Cobra logo is going on the back of my neck or my new tramp stamp like a classy bitch.

Next card, straight man titties.  Tight clothing all around because this is a kid’s movie?

Everyone loves Ninja’s, shit sells itself.  Playing swords is all the rage.

I think this is London falling.  GI JOE is the American Hero, gtfo England?

This set was kind of a let down as I have never seen this movie, and probably never will.
On to next week.

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