Farmer Boy Restaurant

oh boy!

Today I visited Farmer Boy restaurant located in Akron, Ohio for breakfast.

he’s just a boy, not a man.
super boy specials

Since it was early I went with one of their breakfast specials.  Two eggs, hash browns, bacon, and sourdough toast.
I also added a side order of their sausage gravy.

breakfast is served

Meal was washed down with an ice water.

and the good book said thou shall add gravy

On a 5 point scale, this meal gets a 3.44

It was a pretty average breakfast at best.
The sausage gravy was good and you can tell it was home made.

If I had a do over I would just go with the biscuits and gravy or maybe just look to the lunch menu.

come on down


Farmer Boy Restaurant is located at:

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