Trading Card Tuesday 6/20/17

The heat is on already and this Tuesday brings some throwbacks to the hottest sport in the southern United States.  It’s Nascar card time.

I’m actually combing two different packs since each of these packs don’t contain much in them.

First up, Checkers (Rally’s in the northern USA) pumped out some collectible packs back in 1997.  only 1 card per pack sadly.

Ricky Rudd, the tide man.  Bet from all that sitting his whitey tighties are spotless with the tide sponsorship.  Also 1 win, come on Rickey!  Cashed out over a million dollars just from winnings, but that was a lot of seat time to get that coin.

This counts as a card???  what a rip off, also you have to collect 15 points in order to get the tshirt.  There are only 9 cards in this set.  That means you would have to eat at lease 15 meals from this place, and throw out 6 cards you don’t need to complete the set, and then mail in all that crap.
Checkers ripping people off on this one for sure.
Next set us from Food Lion (another southern US grocery store chain) consisting of moments from driver Richard Petty.

First up a schedule for races, but lacking any actual date/time information.  Super.

The iconic car.  I bet STP oil filters still have exclusive fans because of Mr. Petty.

Richard squinting in the distance, or maybe ripping a juicy fart?  I’m not a scientist so I can’t figure out what is going on.

Richard Petty was a classy bitch, rocking a big hat and big sunglasses.  Also is that a hand rolled cigarette?  Nothing says pride than doing it yourself, and that’s probably why his legacy still rolls on in the south.

Although I think I see more 3 merch than anything out in the wild.  Dale still running in peoples hearts.

These packs sucked, onto next Tuesday!

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