Portage Inn

Off the beaten path in farm country outside of Toledo sits a sleepy farm town of Elmore, Ohio.  In fact I was passed by 2 tractors when I was parking in their town square.

There is a small downtown, where all the businesses are connected, but today’s adventure brings us the the Portage Inn.

They have a bench ready to welcome all guests in the front.

This place is the local watering hole for the town.  There are tables set up around the perimeter of the actual bar.  There is another side room with 2 pool tables and a couple more booths.  They have a lottery machine to play Keno and also have a couple TV’s for whatever event they want to show.

Pretty standard basic bar food selection.

Today’s meal selection I went with the circled (squared?) item on the menu, the PI Char-burger with cheese.  I figured it was the feature item being highlighted like that.

Started off the meal with an appetizer, the hot pepper cheese cubes, served with ranch dressing.

I ordered the side of fries with the burger, here they are served in a basket covered with aluminum foil.  Pretty standard fries, cooked a little well done.  Also was told they were brought out before the burger so they wouldn’t be cold.

The star of the show, the PI char-burger with cheese.  I chose mine with lettuce, onion, cheese, and mustard.  Also served on a plate just a little bit bigger than the actual burger, which I thought was strange I was getting the food items in shifts and not all together.

My dining mate’s choice for the adventure was their “Award winning pizza.”  Toppings consisted of onions, banana peppers, and Italian sausage.

Meal was washed down with a Diet Pepsi.

On a scale to 5, this meal gets a 2.99

The burger was ok but definitely not life changing.  It has a nice charbroiled smokey flavor.  The onion was overpowering.  The fries were just ok.  The hot pepper cheese cubes were the star of the meal, had the best flavor out of anything eaten today.

I also snagged a couple slices of the pizza.  The crust and the sauce was bland.  I have no idea who was voting on this pizza to win any awards because I have had more flavorful pizza from Aldi.  If I opened a pizza shop in this town I would rule the pizza game.

If I had a do over, I would probably stick with the burger, but try the waffle fries.

Also on a side note completely unrelated to the meal: the bathroom sinks were missing the handles. and I had to grab a nub in order to wash my hands.  You know this place gets rowdy at night if you can’t wash your hands easily.

The Portage Inn is located at:
355 Rice St
Elmore, Ohio 43416

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