Trading Card Tuesday 6/13/17

It’s summer time and following with Marshall’s post on summer swim fashion I bring to your viewing pleasure a trip back to 1994.

Today’s pack is from Venus Swimwear International Model Search brought to you by Star International.

Made in the USA with what I am assuming is full pride, discrete white packaging not showing just what lies inside.  Of which I am assuming was it’s intention.

Karen Martin loves to recondition Volkswagens.

Leslie Richardson didn’t know leather headbands were never in.  I bet that falcon convertible doesn’t run anymore.

Fabiola Diaz drove a Ferrari back in 1994.

Tina Springham studied computers and for some reason enjoys holding her thong strap up high.

Jeanine Small spent her free time cycling back in the 90’s.

Shellani Taarud had big dreams to appear in the movies.

Tammera Hargett loves riding mopeds.

Shereen Discala knocks it around playing some lacrosse.

Karen Wry plans some weddings in her non bikini days.


I didn’t win anything in this pack.  I never win at anything it seems lately.

Also the places listed on the back of some of these cards represent adult (strip) clubs.  I for one am absolutely shocked that these fine women were not just regular models, but doing other activities in their down time.
I wish they would do an updated set of these and revisit all these ladies to see how they have aged in the 20+ years since this release.

Anyways, on to next week!

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