Puckers Sports Pub & Grille

Located in North Canton, Ohio there is a restaurant called Puckers Sports Pub & Grille.

This is one of those places where the bar is in the center, booths surround the outside, and hightop tables cover the rest of the space.  There are a couple tables outside for the 4 nice days Ohio gets in the summer.  They also have a couple of pool tables if you are into that.

Today I came for their signature item, the Viking Burger.

The local highschool is Hoover and their mascots are Vikings.

The Viking burger is topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, french fries, and drizzled in their signature ranch dressing.  It is also served with homemade french fries on the side.

Meal was washed down with a diet coke.

This burger is good.  Meat cooked to medium and the bun was fresh and soft.  I’m not really a fan of fries when they are used as a burger topping, but it worked on this.  Also you have to grip it with both hands in order to properly taste the harmony of all the flavors.

On a scale out of 5, this meal gets a 4.55.

If I had a do-over I wouldn’t change the burger selection at all, but would try their fried banana pepper rings and add a side of ranch for dipping the fries.

Puckers is located at:

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