Mariners Game, Ballpark Food, and Beer Review

I am in Seattle for work all week and while it’s been hectic, I’ve been trying to enjoy the downtime as best I can. I enjoy Seattle a lot, and despite the cost and congestion, it’s a cool place.

We got Airbnbs in different locations around the Lake Union area. Despite the pain it is driving, it’s better than a hotel, just wish we had more time to enjoy them. We did get to a Mariners game, so that’s something.


Our Wednesday night team-building event was a Mariners game. It’s been almost three years to the day since my first, and only, trip to Safeco Field. It’s a great park and boasts two key aspects: plenty of concession stands and bathrooms. You can get your beer and food quickly, and expel it just as fast. Very key for any ballpark.

Seattle Mariners Colorado Rockies MLB Baseball Safeco Field American League National League Interleague Play
The outfield at Safeco Field, when the Colorado Rockies were in town. You can see a sneaky Carlos Gonzalez next to my coworker’s head.

They had a good selection of beers, both local and national, but my go to in this area of the country is Rainier. This is an ongoing theme of my life, so no need to delve too deep right now.

For food I started with a horrifically overpriced jalapeno cheddar dog. It was alright, and I hadn’t eaten anything in about eight hours so it tasted like heaven. But the main course here was something a bit different: crickets.

Safeco Field Crickets MLB Baseball Food Seattle Mariners
A tasty treat at any Mariners game is definitely Crickets

They were spicy and packed a bit of a punch, but outside of that they didn’t taste like much. Like crunchy thin pieces of film really. Maybe if they had a different flavor it would have been better, but nothing to write home about in the end.


I had very little downtime on this work excursion north. That’s a whole other post though. In the little downtime I did have, I walked to the little market just down the street from where I was staying. They had a decent selection of beers for how small the store was, but I decided to go with something new.

I went with Aslan Brewing’s Dawn Patrol Pacific Ale. I’m awful at describing beers, but I’ve had a couple Pacific Ales before, and they’re a solid beer. This particular one clocked in at 5.6% so I was good for about two since my day was not yet done, just the driving portion.

I liked this one though. Price point was a little high ($14 for a sixer), but we were staying near Lake Union, sorry to brag. If I was looking to keep a sixer of good stuff around I would not hesitate to go for this one, and I look forward to trying their other stuff.

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