Trading Card Tuesday 6/6/17


Today’s Trading Card Tuesday brings us back to 1998 where we are celebrating Michael Jordan in a collection of stickers from Upper Deck.

Michael Jordan is back, in sticker form!

Early MJ with hair, looks to be shooting a free throw.

MJ sitting on the bench, shrouded in a clean towel.

MJ’S left leg, foot, ankle, and shoe.  This is clearly the winner in this pack.

MJ in traffic cutting through defenders on the way to the hoop.

MJ with the right handed layup.

Finally MJ warming up.

My middle school self is jealous that I don’t have a locker in order to put these up.
Also this was a lame set, I would have been pissed to get these as a kid.  This was clearly a cash grab by upper deck at the time to capitalize on the Jordan name.


On to next week!





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