Jasmine Asian Bistro

Windows for days.

Jasmine Asian Bistro is located in the hall of fame city of Canton, Ohio back in a strip mall.

living that custom printed chop stick life.

I don’t use chopsticks because I lack the skills but they look all fancy regardless.

hot or not

The name caught my eye and decided to go with the Hawaii Five “O” and was half tempted to play the original theme song from the TV show on my phone while I ordered but I was pretty sure with the party of 12 we had the waiter hated us from the start.

fried crab and cheese and other drizzle for shizzle

The dinner mates started with an appetizer, which happened to be their version of crab cheese/rangoon.  This is the first version I have had that dresses it up with fresh apple straws, honey mustard, and a ginger sauce.  I can say I was middle of the road on this, as I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.

can you eat the flower?

Here it is in all it’s glory.  Dressed up with flower, along with the rice separated into a different bowl.  The meat all stacked up and mixed in with the veggies and the brown sauce.

this is how we sushi roll

Bonus picture of one of my dinner mates, multiple sushi rolls.
Top roll is shrimp asparagus.
The left stacked roll is sweet potato.
Then the rest are shrimp tempura rolls.
All these rolls had cream cheese added.

On a 5 point scale, I would give this meal a 3.62

Overall the meal was good and very filling.

In the main dish, the brown sauce was delicious and sweet.  I dislike broccoli and mushrooms and was picking them out for a majority of the time.  the best meat by far and above was the beef, followed by the chicken, then the shrimp, then the lobster, then the scallops.  I felt like an asshole the entire time trying to pull the lobster meat out with a fork and a butter knife.

The white rice was too wet for my liking.

I snagged a bunch of the sushi in the shrimp tempura rolls, and it was really good.

If I had a do over, I would forego the crab cheese altogether.  Either get the General Tso’s or find a beef meal with that brown sauce.  Also would go with the fried rice, hoping it would have more flavor.

Jasmine Asian Bistro is located at:

1122 30th Street Northwest
Canton OH


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