Trading Card Tuesday 5/30/17

Today’s trading card adventure brings us back to 1994.
The pack comes from a set called Generation Extreme, which focuses on the non-traditional major sports that are basically recreational activities which involve a high degree of risk to the participant.

Extreme was the buzzword of the 90’s, as no one wanted to be normal, they wanted to be different.  Using lowercase letters instead of correct punctuation also was eXtreme (it’s just like a jeep thing, you just won’t understand).

Bill Bryan shredding some waves.

Angie Walton with the inverted handstand!


Jon-Kelly Hanoa bodysurfing!


Keith Treanor crushing it with his pegs!


Bob Carlson is serious about his water safety with his helmet and life vest.


Hans Rey defying logic by using a mountain bike on the waves!


Pat O’Connell crushing it on the waves and with the eXtreme mop top!

Dave Seoane killing it on a mountain with the sad-air grab!


Scott Kennett crushing it on the fine powder on the slopes and no doubt crushing it with the ladies with that mustache.

Stan Moniz hanging 10 on that wave.

I’m just a bit late on this contest but the questions are eXtreme.

Overall a nice package with great photography on each action shot.
This definitely reminds me of the early days of ESPN 2, referred to as the deuce back in these days when we were all eXtreme.

If anyone knows any of these individuals, hit me up, I would love to get some eXtreme autographs on these.












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