Block 7 Bar & Grill

block 1-6 must have been taken.

Block 7 Bar & Grill is a restaurant located in the Magic city of Barberton, Ohio.  Located on the main drag of old down town on the corner of W Tuscarawas ave and 3rd street NW next to a McDonald’s.

I have no idea when the busy day is for this place as it is never packed when I make a visit.

There is ample parking abound either on the street or in the local free lots.

olde timey pictures are the best

Today’s visit was on a Saturday and for the strip steak special.

deep fried pepperfection

Started the meal off with an appetizer; the fried pepper rings.
You can get these in either jalapeno or mild banana pepper rings.
These ones are the mild version because I am weak and cannot stomach hot things and didn’t want to burn out all of my taste buds.

everyone knows you don’t win friends with salad

The special comes with a salad.  Standard garden salad and went with the ranch dressing.

delivered as promised

The steak was prepared to medium and topped with diced tomatoes and some kind of garlic paste (which I scraped off).
Also included a decent sized baked potato with butter and sour cream.
My steak had just a little too much fat and in turn had to cut it into smaller pieces than I normally like.
The potato was just as expected, but could have been a little warmer.

The meal was washed down with a Diet Pepsi.

On a 5 point scale, I would give it a 3.

It’s a middle of the road steak special, I wasn’t prepared to be overwhelmed, but I was not disappointed.  It’s a good deal with everything you get for the price.  Also the pepper rings are awesome.

If I had a complete do-over, I would probably try one of their burgers, but stick with the pepper rings as an appetizer.


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