Trading Card Tuesday 5/23/2017

Today’s find Easter cards.

Gold foil with colored eggs
Unicorn Publishing up in this bitch.

When something weird catches my eye, I just gravitate towards it.  I was not expecting Easter to have it’s own trading card set, and will probably never find this again.

Right from the get go we are thrust with the mother rabbit flashing the little bunny by lifting her dress.  This will clearly lead to identity issues and future emotional problems…

Clearly this is a hate crime as all the rabbits are bullying the white rabbit because his genetic features are different from their own.  I’m glad I can separate this universe as a cartoon caricature and them not being real, otherwise it could possibly make me #triggered.

This poor rabbit society needs a leader or counselor to preach cultural diversity within their rabbit community and not tolerate their insensitive actions.  Running away from adversity is never the answer but standing by and letting this #bullying go on is just terrible.  Also we get a look at my ass shot.

I blame the parents on this one by not giving this bunny a proper education to be able to make correct decisions, social skills, or having any survival abilities other than being able to tie a proper bindle (i.e. hobo sack).

Now he’s a freeloader living off someones kindness, eating someone else’s food, wearing someone else’s red vest with yellow bow-tie.
How does a bunny even tie a bow-tie, that is hard as hell for someone who even has opposable thumbs to start with.

Now he’s got paint supplies and basket weaving abilities?
When did he have time to learn this shit???

Now we finally see this bunny grew up into an eccentric rabbit, wearing coats with tails, carrying all his eggs in one basket, but lacking any decency to put on some pants.
On this card he is also giving that perverted smile and longing gaze like he is thinking “I know you are looking at my ass and I like it.”

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