Podcast Review: E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness

While Edge and Christian are new to the podcasting world, they are clearly not new to the world of comedy. The duo spent almost a decade as a tag team in WWF/E and went to great lengths to infuse comedy into their wrestling, which is not an easy task. They bring that same chemistry to the podcasting world in the aptly named “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness.”


Edge (Adam Copeland) and Christian (Jay Reso) have been friends since childhood. While that could be a detriment to some, it’s definitely their strength. Their back-and-forth is genuine and pretty damn funny. They also know each other’s weaknesses, which is funny in any relationship.

They do a pretty good job of keeping inside jokes to a minimum, or at least explaining them when they come up. They’re only eight episodes in, but they’re getting the podcast thing down pretty well. They keep things moving and don’t get too side-tracked, but also do well to steer it in a general direction.

In terms of a duo hosting a podcast, you can’t much better than these guys. They’re fearless when trying new comedic bits, have zero trouble mocking themselves and each other, and also have the experience to ask good questions.


Each episode is it’s own animal for the most part. They have some recurring bits, such as “Tales From the Indies,” with pro-wrestler Tommy Dreamer. They love to torture Tommy via constantly saying “Tommy” in a rather annoying fashion. Each segment also devolves into stories of times they annoyed Tommy, which are usually pretty funny.

One of the first bits they did was a voicemail contest. They tweeted out a number for fans to leave voicemails, giving the winner some airtime on the show. I thought it was a great method of interacting with the audience, and yielded some funny results.

The real strength is in their guests. Fans of wrestling podcasts have heard them before, I guarantee you haven’t heard them like this. Edge and Christian bring a different angle to each one, using their history, experience and humor to bring out something great in their guests.

A great example of this was when they had Shance McMahon on. Shane was less than a week away from his Wrestlemania match and was making the rounds. So what did Edge and Christian start with? Fifteen minutes on a made-up game they play backstage at events. It was like no other interview, but worked really well.


While these guys go beyond wrestling, it’s dominated their show early on. Their lone standout, non-wrestling guest, UFC Lightweight Champ Daniel Cormier, was still a solid interview, and mixed in some MMA, and broader questions.

If you’re a wrestling fan, definitely listen to this one. If not, you might want to give the Cormier episode a listen and see if it strikes your fancy. One thing I will suggest for sure is don’t sleep on this one. I for one am looking forward to more non-wrestling guests and where they take this show.

I mean how could a show hosted by two guys who dressed like this on national television not be worth a listen?

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