Trading Card Tuesday 5/16/17

This caught my eye because of the inserts.

I was really hoping for the tattoo or the eye black, but ended up with a sticker.

Specifically a Dustin Pedroia sticker, in which he’s looking back like someone honked at him at a red light when it changed to green.

living that cartoon life

These were different from the norm, as they are cartoon caricatures of each player rather than still photos.

All the backs listed basic vitals, stats for the 2012 season, and a “fun fact.”

The fun facts were not really that fun, kind of misleading if you ask me.

Also poor Joe Mauer and Will Dominguez as these pictures are not flattering at all.

Another key feature to notice is that they only list the city of the team and nothing about the team names, which means the maker got he mlbpa license rights but not mlb directly.

I feel like a rebel and that major league baseball certainly will be on the lookout for me.



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