Skydiving From a Drone

Drones have been a phenomenon to say the least. They’ve become extremely popular, and may even deliver our Amazon orders one day. However, like with anything, people are taking it to the extreme.

First we had the drone hammock, which is insane enough. Now we have drone skydiving, which is equally absurd. I’m cool with it, I’m a bit like Ron Swanson when it comes to choice: if you wanna be stupid, be stupid, as long as it doesn’t impact me or cost me money.

I just don’t want to hear how it’s a “tragedy” when one of these idiots inevitably dies from this. A tragedy is a school bus full of children going over a bridge, not a moron hanging on a small, flying machine.

Would a person who willingly jumped into the gorilla enclosure at a zoo and got mauled to death be called a tragedy? Probably not. However, I’m sure it will be. I’m thinking of putting in my will “If I die doing something really stupid make sure everyone calls it tragedy.” After all I want to appear smart but act like a complete idiot.

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