Kettlebell’s Aren’t Just for CF Bro’s

With the rise of Cross Fit came the rise of the kettlebell. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I finally gave in and bought a few. One thing I learned is you don’t have to swing them around like a maniac. The other was that they are pretty much the ultimate piece of equipment for the home gym.

Outside Magazine has a nice write, complete with links to videos, about some basic exercises. Although, you can just Google “kettlebell exercises” and find a plethora of them yourself. There is one great advantage to them: any exercise you see, you can do, regardless of your level of fitness.

Since kettlebells come in about a million different weights, you can start low and work your way up. Gyms suck, unless you find a nice one and live close. Otherwise, who wants to drive across town to a crappy gym?

Plus kettlebells can come in some insane designs.

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