Pizza Slice Review: Pizza Schmizza, Pearl District + Bonus Beer Review

Yup, another Pizza Schmizza location. This one is in the Pearl District, and while it’s not the best bar in that part of town, it’s far from the worst. When it comes to sports bars it might even be in the top five.


This might be the smallest of the Schmizza location I’ve been to, but that’s not shocking since it’s in the Pearl District. However, it has a lot of TVs and there really is no place to sit where you can’t see a one.

I’ve been here a few times over the years and never had a rude, bad, or even not-overly nice staff member. One women even stayed open a bit later for me and a friend as we got in 10 minutes before close. Solid all the way around.

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I said it in my last review of a Schmizza location, each one is different. This one has a bit more puff to the crust and was a bit softer, not bad though. It was very fresh too, which never hurts.


Once again sauce seemed to be at a premium as it was scarce on this one. I’m starting to think it’s a Schmizza-wide initiative ¬†or something, so that was disappointing. Although, they were generous with the pepperoni, and again, it was fresh.


The place carried this one. Since Blitz Pearl went out of business while I was gone this is pretty much the only worthwhile sports bar in the area. On Deck has a great patio but the food is average at best and the service is terrible.

However, the pizza is hit or miss. Regardless of preference my advice would be to go with the freshest pizza they have.

SCORE: 6.1

Full Sail Brewing Hood River Oregon Session Lager Beer Hops

Bonus Beer Review

I’ve been sticking with the lighter beers lately. This time I went with an old favorite, the Session Lager from Full Sail Brewing. Its a great, smooth lager that doesn’t hit you too hard in the gut but at 5.1% can hit you hard with a buzz. It’s good for one or two after work on the warmer days.

SCORE: 7.5

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  1. Thank you for your review. I am very proud of my restaurant and my staff and each Schmizza is independent and tries to deliver the best but in the Schmizza tradition! Cheers!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Your staff has always been great over the last four years and it’s nice having a place like that so close to my office!

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