Pizza Review: Eat Pizza Portland

Has there ever been a more aptly named pizza place than Eat Pizza Portland? It’s one of three in the metro area, and it’s unassuming facade could cause people to walk past, but while they don’t sell pizza by the slice, they make a good pie and it’s worth checking out.


There’s only about four tables in the whole place, and they are staggered as the shop is essentially a triangle. I wouldn’t say it’s a place you’d meet friends for dinner, but it’s a nice place to swing into and grab a pizza. There is some solid outdoor seating at this location, so it’s a great place if you’re feeling like pizza on a nice day.

The guy working the counter was nice, and explained they don’t do pizza by the slice, but do personal, six-inch ones. I was actually on my way to my side job and figured why not, as I was almost there and had time to kill.

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This one had a lot to do with I got it fresh out of the oven, but that’s part of the benefit of being there. Very good crust, with enough crispy on the outside, but not overdone. It remained soft inside, but not chewy or too much of it. I don’t know if they make it fresh there, but very good crust in my opinion.


I went with all veggies again as I remain on my pizza health kick, because that makes sense. I was hoping for more green pepper, but they were generous and the toppings were fresh which is what you hope for.

The sauce had a bit of oregano from what my novice palette could decipher. It was a nice addition and not sweet like others I’ve had. It mixed well with the toppings and wasn’t over-bearing or dominate.


I was happy I stopped in for sure. The wait is not long and you get about as fresh a pizza as you can. If I ever move back into the area I will definitely order a large pie from this place, as the personal ones are very good.

SCORE: 8.7

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