Trading Card Tuesday 5/9/17

This little pack caught my eye, 9 superhero cards for $1.00.

9 cards lies within
double confirming 9 cards
this is the back image on all the cards

Turns out this set is from a trading card game, which I had no idea existed, and don’t care to learn anymore about.

I see we are throwing the “Super hero” moniker around casually now…

I grew up with the x-men animated series, so some of these faces are familiar.

The Cajun sensation!

In my opinion, the best find in the bunch, my favorite X-men member, Gambit.  When I was younger, I thought the energy charge and throwing exploding playing cards was the shit.  Also every video game I played x-men wise, I always chose him if he was an option.  Also he rocks a bo staff, can’t mess with that.

In mother Russia, card pack opens you

Next up, Colossus.  I didn’t care much for him, and being in this pack he still does nothing for me.

those are some serious knee pads

In the animated series she basically shot fireworks, and this card taught me the word “globules” in which I will never ever be able to drop in a sentence without confusing the entire room.

big assets on this fiery siren

Never heard of this x-men character before, but I can say damn she’s got some big breasts.  Her powers listed straight up suck, and she should feel bad.

Is this the female version of Captain Planet?

Crystal looks like she works the service desk for a giant retail store and has heard way too many excuses on items that are being returned.  I think her powers basically state she is a good farmer, and probably knows her way around a soy bean.

give me the lightening tattoos.

I never knew Storm’s real name, and will still never be able to recall it after seeing it in print.  I’m confused why she would cut the outside of her pants like that.  I guess to much junk in the trunk?

The Birdman

This dude is straight up shredded.  I don’t know how you would be able to work out with having massive bird wings.  Just getting through doors would be a challenge, let alone doing any bench presses.

Val Kilmer in Top Gun?

What is up with the bandana and the arm band???  Also, why the shit eating grin?  I’m just going to assume Iceman is in the crips repping the blue.

even with the glove, gets no love from me.

The knee high boots, skirt, and glove combination really strikes fear into the heart of any villain, that’s just science.  Also the feline references are off the chain, meow!


Overall 9 cards together are a steal in the trading card game.

Also the artwork for the skin tight outfits are a nice touch.

It shows that all the men and women in the x-men universe are comfortable in their own skin to flaunt what they got, while trying to fight it out.

That’s truly equal rights and isn’t that what we are all striving for?


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