Pizza Slice Review: Straight From New York Pizza West + Bonus Beer Review

Straight From New York Pizza is a place I’ve walked past for years but never went in until recently. It’s on the border of what constitutes NW and SW Portland also known as West Burnside St. It’s reminiscent of another “New York” pizza place, but not really in the same realm.


Is there a typical pizza-by-the slice place when it comes to appearance? I feel like it’s one of those things I know when I see it but can’t describe it. That’s SFNY Pizza (their abbreviation, not mine). I feel like I’ve seen the wooden counter, tables, and pop machine everywhere, but that’s not a bad thing.

The staff was friendly, and they had a good selection of drinks, including beer. Nothing too extensive, but this was very much an eat and go type place. One thing I did like, and was huge, was each table had a good selection of hot sauces, parmesan, and pepper flakes. This is huge. I hate when I go to a pizza place and you have to hunt for that stuff. Each table is loaded for bear, and I love it.

Parmesan Cholula Hot Sauce Tobassco Pizza Portland PDX Oregon


This is another local chain but it’s not a very “chainy” type place when it comes to the product. It’s the larger, thinner slice of pizza. While I would definitely say the crust was better than Schmizza’s it wasn’t anything phenomenal either. It held up, and was a solid base.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza SFNY Pizza Portland Oregon West Burnside


I went with a Buffalo chicken pizza, which I typically don’t go for, but it sounded good at the time. The chicken was good, and they were pretty generous with it. I could have used a bit more Buffalo sauce though, as it had a kick, but was not anything super full of flavor. One of the better one I have had though.


I was a bit worried as I walked into the place and saw six full pizzas, and not all of them looked fresh. However, it was better than what I thought based off that. It was a solid specialty pizza that hit the spot, but didn’t blow me away.

SCORE: 6.5 


I went with my favorite old standby. It’s a great cheap, light beer and a much better substitute for Bud Light, Miller Lite, and PBR. The good old Rainier, or as some of the locals like to say “Ron-yay,” because it’s that fancy. There’s a minor league baseball team in Tacoma who is named after it, so it’s gotta be good!


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