Located in Barberton, Ohio tucked away in a neighborhood and up on a hill lies the Magic City Diner.

The magical entrance to the Magic City Diner

Only serving breakfast and lunch, daily hours from 7am to 2pm (summer hours 6am-2pm).

Upon entering the building the staff welcomed me upon arrival.

Very casual atmosphere and you just pick and sit down at an open table.

You can tell that the past life of the building was a local bar, as the taps are still there, just lacking the pull handles

Brighter lights are installed behind the bar area, with flat screen TV’s.  The ceiling is covered in decorative copper tiles, the top portion of the walls are covered in artificial turf with golf memorabilia along with the local high school teams purple and white jerseys and football helmets.

Also on warmer weather days it looks like you can eat on the patio located in the back of the building.

Today’s adventure brought me here for breakfast.

Look at that B-Town Bowl!

I went with the chalkboard special “The B-Town bowl,” which came with toast (went with the sourdough).  The innards of the bowl consisted of sautéed peppers, onions, crumbled sausage, ham cubes, tater tots, scrambled eggs, shredded cheddar cheese and covered in sausage gravy.

My dining mate went with a small stack of hot cakes, 2 eggs, sausage patties, and rye toast.

I was expecting all the ingredients to be combined in the egg and cooked together before being put in the bowl, then covered in the gooey goodness of cheese and gravy.  In reality, I was given a layered stack of items.  If anyone gets this I recommend trying to mix them together before digging in.  The peppers and onions were really greasy on their own, and did not add any harmony to the meal.

The toast was soggy with the butter.  I think it would be better to refer it as having butter with a side of bread.

I snagged a bite of the hot cake, which was fluffy and good.

All this was washed down with water today. (they don’t serve alcohol)

The B-town bowl was $8.99

on a 5 point scale, the meals gets a 2.

If I had a do-over I would try one of their lunch items, probably a hamburger.  Also if you get breakfast here I advise you to ask for dry toast, unless you enjoy a lot of butter.

I will be back in the future to hit up their lunch part of the menu.

The Magic City Diner is located at:

451 Fairview Ave
Barberton, OH 44203



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