Trading Card Tuesday 5/2/17




Trading cards are basically the gateway to nostalgia for many children here in America.

These days they are also relatively cheap to collect, granted have fallen out of favor with more items becoming digital or digitized.

There still is nothing quite like the feeling of opening up that plastic wrapper and wandering into the great unknown of what you find.

This week’s find I went to a dollar store and bought this pack for 1 penny.

5 cards for a penny, and that penny bought me some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

advertises as promised

The cover art is lit!


fancy borders make the kids go gaga!

I was hoping for a single Shredder, Donatello working on some kind of electronics, or a Krang flexing.

Instead I received screen shots from episodes I don’t ever remember.

a well oiled group…

Kind of a let down as “Dancin’ Bebop” is the best of the lot.

The Baxter staring out into space summed up my mood breaking into these.

Also one of the cards was covered in some kind of oil stain.

This is why we can never have nice things!

Hopefully next Tuesday brings a much better find.



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