Eadie’s Fish House

Eadies Fish House


Located in North Canton, Ohio about 5 minutes from “The Strip” (a popular strip mall) lays a restaurant that would feel more at home in a warmer beachy climate that the middle of northeastern Ohio.

The date I went, not the best as it was gloomy, overcast, and rainy.  The best time to hit up this place is a warm summer evening as the sun is just about to set.  There is outside seating, but the rain prevented any of that.

The inside was kind of small and cramped, but definitely welcoming and happy type of atmosphere.  The overall theme is tropical, but dive-bar-ish, as everything from the walls to the ceiling is covered in fish mounts, beach signs, license plates from islands in the Caribbean, to stickers and post cards from beach towns around the world.  Also this is one of those places where dollar bills are defaced and covered in the personal touch of graffiti of past patrons and pinned to wherever there happens to be space.  (No, I did not leave my mark on this place by donating to the colleciton, I didn’t have a pen or sharpie on me during this visit)

“The Fish Hog” with fries

I’m not a person who is big on any kind fish, but since it was a seafood beachy kind of place I decided it probably is best to go with a signature dish.

My meal for this evening, The Fish Hog.  This creation was 3 pieces of battered cod which was deep fried, laid on a bun, sitting in a bed of lettuce, couple strips of bacon, and covered in Swiss cheese.  Also added the side of fries to complete the meal.  Also I washed it all down with a Diet Pepsi, as I was still feeling the effects of dehydration from my previous night’s bud light consumption.

The fish was cooked perfectly.  The crust on the cod was golden brown, flaky, the inside fish was soft and moist.  The lettuce was fresh and crisp, the bacon cooked perfect, and the cheese melted to tie it all together.  The bun was less to be desired, and overall too small to contain it all.  The flavor was a little bland, and i opted to spritz on some franks red hot to turn up the heat.

The fries were ok, nothing life changing.

This was probably the best fish entree I have had while in Ohio during my tenure here.  I have been turned off in the past from a fish fry where the meal was not only saturated in disgusting oil but was also pulling y bones from my teeth.

I also snagged a hush puppie and an onion ring from my fellow dining mates, both of which were delicious.

Plain and simple, Eadie’s knows their way around a deep fryer.

The sandwich, fries, and Diet Pepsi set me back about $16 which felt high for what I actually got.

The atmosphere was good, granted it was small and cramped, but today had live music in the bar area where we were seated.

On a 5 point scale, the meal gets a 3.

If I had a do over, I would have went with their steak burger, side of onion rings, and tried the mucky duck ipa (a local beer brewed in Akron, OH).

I will be back in the future to this place, but only when it is warmer and drier outside.

Eadie’s Fish house is located at:

6616 Wise Ave NW
North Canton, Ohio 44720

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