Howie’s on the lakes


(aerial photo courtesy their homepage: Howie’s on the lake)

This is a hidden gem in the Akron, Ohio area.

Howie’s on the lake is located in a lakefront neighborhood on Portage Lakes, not well advertised from any main roads.

This visit was actually the first time I have ever driven there by land and have usually only visited by pontoon boat (*cough* <humble brag> *cough*).

I have never eaten at Howie’s for anything other than a hot dog during the dog days of summer and have mainly used it as a watering hole for boating breaks to make my liver go swimming.

They had a kitchen fire a few years back and have since completely remodeled it.

I started off the meal with a little appetizer and went with their cheese curds.

They arrived at my table in a basket and are best described as a mixture of mini mozzarella stick combined with a grilled cheese sandwich.  (sorry no picture)

Next for my main course I with with the most interesting item on the menu, Their “Anchor Burger.”


You read that right, peanut butter is on this bad boy(on the bottom bun).


This burger was quite the handful.

I lifted it up off the plate, and it immediately drained down off the bun with it’s juices.

Peanut butter becomes mostly a liquid when heated up apparently(the more you know!).

Next the egg followed suit and flowed down to the plates edge.

There was no way around it, and I had to commit to being sticky for the remainder of this battle to get this into my stomach.

I didn’t really know what to expect going into this but the overall flavor was good.

The peanut butter made everything sweeter.

The meat was prepared to around medium well with no pink but still remained juicy.

The fried egg was over medium, but still runny in the center.

The bacon was perfect (as bacon is perfect).  The bun was soft and toasted.

My only gripe (if I can call it that) is if i had a do-over, I would have substituted the french fries for tater tots ($1 up-charge).

I washed it down with about 3 bud light drafts, because I have simple beer tastes.

Overall not bad and I happened to go on a Thursday which is their $2 off special on burger days (*bonus for the wallet*).


On a 5 point scale, this meal gets a 4, as I will keep Howie’s on the lake in my future rotation.



Howie’s on the lake is located at:

4856 Coleman Dr.
Akron, Ohio 44319

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